Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Action Genre

The action genre generated a lot of great films after its creation way back 1903. In Asian perspective specifically, Bruce Lee, Kwai Chang Caine, and Jackie Chan created a way to enhance the action genre for the world to follow. From no stunt double actor to authentic fighting skills that pleases the eye of an action genre lover. It cannot be denied that because of them the standards in creating a cool action genre film are way better. 

Southeast Asia's in particular, has a rich culture and heritage that provides a perfect backdrop for action films. Action cinema from the region used to be different, but the new generation of action films have become the reality, the image of diversity, and a way to show the integration of culture that enriches and gives uniqueness to Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia produces hidden gems in the action genre. Tackling history and experiences, highlighting martial arts, crime, war, angst, violence, drugs, and poverty. 

The Southeast Asian action genre continues to provide success and growth in material and stories. Action cinema in Southeast Asia is in the state of transformation, with the line up of box office hits from the region featuring a new generation of badass stories.



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