Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Message For My Young Teenage Self: An Anonymous Letter.

Dear Teenage Me,

        I’ll start my message by reminiscing about the last moments of being a 6th grader, remembering how excited I am in graduating elementary and the transition to being a high schooler. Who's never excited being a high school student where everything is slightly loose? We can try new things that kids are not allowed to do. As an effect of having a mindset that we can do everything, high school will make us unbothered by the things that we do.

        In fact, I don’t only see high school as a peak of my young teenage years; it is also the time that I frequently made mistakes that lead to my failures. But as I wrote this message to my younger self, I realized that my mistakes back then were innocent. Having mistakes and failures sometimes bothered me, and sometimes not, and I think that's natural considering that time—I was a teenager. Teenage years are the perfect time to have mistakes, it is the time that making dumb mistakes seemed to be valid. Having mistakes and failures means that there is a lesson, its essence will reflect on what I am today.

Besides, reminiscing about the past as a younger teen and all the dumb things that we do is funny and cute, it is also great to remember how we first got a crush on someone and have our first puppy love. Most of the time, we deny feelings especially when friends tease us and sometimes we express it when feelings are overpouring. I cannot deny that it is one of the most wonderful moments of my teenage years, that I experienced joy going to school because of my crush as a motivation.

No one can erase the memories, experiences, and lessons that the teenage years contributed to my personality. I’m very glad that I have friends and special people that made my young teenage years wonderful and memorable. Commending myself for having experiences and making it as a lesson for the person that I am today.

Posted by: Edward Quijano

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