Saturday, May 15, 2021

5 Benefits of Children Animated - Entertainment Educational Series To Young Audiences

We can now say that in today's contemporary world, the way or method for youngsters to entertain themselves and gain knowledge is through the easy and accessible digital contents like digital comics, books, and videos. There are lots of video contents that are currently scattered on the internet. Nowadays, it has varieties and different forms; like it can be informative and in the form of a vlog, it can be educational and interactive at the same time as a series, and many more. So what exactly is the benefit of kids content specifically Children Animated-Entertainment Educational Series To Young Audiences? We listed some of the benefits here:

1.) The visual stimulation grabs the child's attention

It seems that our lives can be summarized as one extended screen watching session. Young people are automatically expected to be visually stimulated; a very few respond well to the use of text on its own. Visual stimulation encourages interaction with the content or a concept, it also creates a bigger memory imprint in an individual’s mind that makes learnings with videos perfect for information retention.

We also need to know that concepts that are being discussed are beyond the realities and experiences of the young ones. Asking a kid to write a descriptive paragraph about being on an airplane is a good example. It assumes that they have been aboard. A kid who has not wouldn’t have an idea of where to start, but showing them a video of the interior of an aircraft gives them the insight they need to describe it.

Videos are great for learning practical concepts, and it is best-explained step-by-step. When a child is struggling with a part of an activity, teachers can pause the video to allow them to catch up. Kids can have the same option if they’re using the videos on their own.

2.)There are variety of ways to use videos

It can be used as an introduction to a concept. A good video is a great hook to get young ones interested.

Educational videos like the ones that are being shown to schools can be used to complete scientific experiments or make art products.

Videos can be used to provide students with extension work. This aims to add more on what they’ve learned. It gives students opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired. And videos can be used for revising concepts and reinforcement for students who need further explanations.

3.) Videos on multi-sensory learning

Videos can encourage multi-sensory learning because it involves text, moving images, and sound. Using multiple senses to understand a concept allows learners to make more cognitive connections. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply.

4.) Knowing his/her interest

Watching videos with your child gives you an idea about the kinds of videos that interest them. Consider asking your child to find something for you two to watch. For example, tutorials about their hobbies or skills they want to learn. Young influencers who spread positive messages and helpful values can develop your child’s moral compass and concept.

5.) The variety of videos available

Given that education videos can be used in so many ways, it is vital that teachers explore options when choosing videos. Based on the videos they have access to and have the authorization to use, they can decide how to utilize them. A teacher can determine if a video is applicable as an introduction or for extension work. The video he/she chooses must fit the purpose, which means it must match its intended objective.

A teacher ensures that a student is authorized to use the video and he/she has the right equipment to use during class. There is a massive amount of content for teachers to choose from, taking a bit of time to view several videos to find the right one is essential.



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