Friday, April 30, 2021

How Thai BL influenced other neighboring countries in Asia on doing their own kind of BL series and films?

The boys love (BL) series is an emerging genre about boy to boy love and  relationship narrative. BL originally originated in Japan, expanding globally as a genre of manga and anime. The main reason why BL is so well-appreciated and loved worldwide is because it aims to focus more on the romantic and intimate aspect of a boy couple narrative. Recently, boys’ love dramas from Thailand have become trending, gained audiences and following worldwide. Thai BL Series’ won many fans, showcased on multiple platforms with English subtitles—achieving the global trends list in social media.

We have come to realize that BL shows have a common feature, that it hardly focuses on the heavy parts of life, and it mostly narrates a light-hearted story that appears to be impactful and significant. Some shows try to be a little bolder in terms of the plot, but in its essence, BL shows are genuinely comforting, and have a generally uplifting nature.

If we analyze carefully what Southeast Asian Countries culture are, they are still not fully liberated when it comes to same sex relationship. That is why we can say that some East and Southeast Asian countries are courageous enough to create their own kind of BL.

Today, in some parts of East Asia and Southeast Asia, there are plenty of contents about BL Series that have been made. It is an indication that the influence of BL Series to creators who are brave enough in creating contents about boy-to-boy relationships as the representation of the minority or the subculture is becoming stronger and more prominent. One things for sure, it is the perfect time for same sex representation and contents.



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