Friday, April 23, 2021

How ASEAN helped the media industry in Southeast Asia when it comes to distributing and enriching culture?

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN is a long-time alliance that promises to lift neighboring countries by collaborating and cooperating in developing stability and to give more opportunities to 11 countries. It also promotes competitiveness and capabilities in enriching their economy, including the potential of media industries regarding contents like films and series that have a very high chance of entering the world stage and being critically acclaimed internationally. But how exactly ASEAN helps the media industry of every country in Southeast Asia when it comes to nurturing them, enriching them, and especially on how their contents will be known worldwide?

In ASEAN’s socio-cultural community section, where they have a list of key strategies made by ministers responsible for culture and arts, it is not a direct statement about the media industry but it states that they would “encourage a multi-stakeholder approach in promoting an ASEAN mindset and identity to increase the appreciation for the ASEAN Community’s histories, cultures, arts, traditions, and values”. From that sentence, it aims to bring together the primary stakeholders like media and distribution companies to help uplift the arts and culture which includes the media industry. Also, they included in the strategies that they would "harness the contribution of the creative industries towards innovations, generating livelihoods and supporting economic development in the ASEAN Member States (AMS)". It is a great indicator that creative industries like media and distribution companies will be significant contributors in developing the economy and livelihood.
With that said about ASEAN setting strategies for the betterment of the culture and arts to the countries of Southeast Asia; contents like films and series produced in Southeast Asia are within the culture and arts section. But how will it boom worldwide? By distribution. It is due to the combination of factors, including the nature of Southeast Asian contents that lacks a well-equipped ecosystem to groom and support talents. The problem of the contents in Southeast Asia is the limited exposure and success.

The ASEAN helped and encouraged the Southeast Asian media industry through strategies, guidelines, and development initiatives. They will leave the work of coordination to companies that distributes and promotes contents. The contents in Southeast Asia are great enough because of its quality and uniqueness —they only need marketing and distribution to see the level of international recognition.


Edward Quijano

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