Friday, January 8, 2021

OBRA & PS Media Join Hands to Develop “ASEAN Contents Market”

ASEAN Contents Market is born to support filmmakers and production companies by developing a platform to showcase their work to content buyers even there is no actual film festival being organized.

OBRA Incorporated evolved to a "tech non-profit" and has been providing various online platforms dedicated to the cultural development of overseas Filipinos. The organization started as a community-based organization that produces events, films, stage plays and facilitated art workshops to remote communities when it was established in 2007.

PS Media Enterprise is the premiere media company that focuses on localization of media contents from the South East Asian region. The company is the first-ever company based in the Philippines that serves international TV channels, VOD platforms, production, and broadcast companies with specialized post production services in any content genre.

The pandemic halted film production, closed cinemas and cancelled events, along with the planned Pinoy International Film Festival 2020. A time of crisis brought by Coronavirus is also an opportunity for OBRA Incorporated and PS Media Enterprise to look into the future, helping the TV and Film industry adjust to impending threat and building their capacity to be prepared.

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