Tuesday, February 4, 2020

PIFF Reveals its Logo Redesign, Focus on Asians in Year 2020

Pinoy International Film Festival expands its focus not only to overseas Filipinos but to its Asian neighbors as well. Still true to its theme, PIFF is an event which raises issues about Migration. From its East Asia beginnings, The festival aims to elevate the representation of Asian ethnic minorities, highlighting its contributions to the society, as the event moves to the west this year 2020.

"Pinoy" is a word from the Philippines meaning "Filipino People", an ethnic minority which accounts for 5 percent of America's migrant population or the 2nd largest Asian-American population. As we normally see in film and television, Asians remain largely unseen in the States. PIFF 2020 is an initiative to insert real people of color into the cultural landscape of mainstream entertainment industry. 

The background of the new logo is an interpretation of a Philippine flag infused with cosmic energy. "The three colors that creates the symbol are realities of the energy that the festival carries within. It is a consciousness that would guide "Pinoys" to achieve social inclusion though cultural awareness." said Edwin Maestro, the Festival Consultant of PIFF 2020. "Positive energies are within us, just believe to enhance those energies within the given cosmos." He added.

The festival also aims to be an eye-opener to create better solutions, an opportunity to create better immigration policies for Asian minorities.

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